We specialize in delivering pre-vetted & tailor matched, nearshore IT talent that you can count on.

Get to know us better! These are our top frequently asked questions:

1. Is TheDevBlock a Staffing Agency?

No, TheDevBlock is a hiring platform for businesses looking to supercharge their workforce.
We enhance existing teams with highly specialized, pre-vetted, talent. While staffing agencies focus on hiring candidates for permanent or temporary positions and the hiring process, our staff augmentation model focuses primarily on skill enhancement.

2. Is Staff Augmentation for my business?

If your business needs to rapidly build seamless, flexible, diverse, and loyal teams to help take your business to the next level, all while offering high-quality career growth paths both for your company and IT professionals alike, then TheDevBlock’s staff augmentation model is for you!

3. What are the differences between staff augmentation vs in-house resources?

1 Cost Reduction

When you hire full-time in-house employees, you are responsible for the onboarding, training, procurement, and all other related activities and overhead costs. With staff augmentation, we take care of that.

2 Seamless Integration

When you choose our staff augmentation model, the hiring process is run by us. This implies less time and effort from your side, and we take care of everything.

3 Accountability

On top of your supervision, a Technical Account Manager will be appointed by us free of charge to ensure compliance and alignment from our talent and complement your supervision tasks.

4. Does TheDevBlock work with freelancers?

No. TheDevBlock does not work with freelancers, we have a pool of professional IT consultants that work as independent contributors for us. This way, we ensure that the staff that you are hiring is not only dedicated full time to your project and with a verified skillset, but also their time and workplace is well organized and managed, they have a good compensation package, and finally, they have career development growth opportunities within our organization.

5. How much does it cost to register on TheDevBlock’s platform?

Nothing. Registration is free of charge! Give it a try!

6. What is our vetting process like?

Our selection process consists of a complete set of tests and interviews covering all important aspects, from language skills assessments to soft and hard skills evaluations. We thoroughly evaluate our candidates’ track records, references, and assessment results to ensure maximum fit.

7. What are the differences between TheDevBlock and other traditional alternatives of IT outsourcing?

When you outsource, you are outsourcing the full project or aspects of the project to an external company; while our staff augmentation model adds virtual resources to your current team to help manage the workload.

The main difference is who is responsible for project management and who is held accountable for results. In IT project outsourcing, the outsourcing company will manage the project and be accountable for the results. In contrast, staff augmentation requires in-house project management and accountability.

Which is better for you depends on your current team’s capacity and your goals. In general, for companies that have a strong internal IT team and who have reliable, dependable management, staff augmentation is the best option.

With TheDevBlock Team as a Service solution, you can start working quicker than with a traditional service. On average you can start within two weeks of the original request, this is four (4) times faster than the average time of the competition. 

8. What are the payment conditions?

Our billing is done monthly and in US Dollars (USD).

Payments can be done through a wire transfer, bank transfer, credit card or by using the Stripe payment gateway.

Prices shown on the platform are final and do not include any additional taxes, duties, or additional commissions.

9. Who owns the legal rights to the work created by our tech talent?

YOU, The client.

10. Can I cancel the service?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. We just ask you to provide a written 15-day notice.

Still have questions? check out the rest of our FAQ’s here.

Our Clients

Their Thoughts

“The workflow is excellent between our companies, rendering great results.”


TheDevBlock has provided a high-quality service promptly, meeting the client’s expectations. They have frequently communicated, ensuring an effective workflow. Their excellent turnaround time and sheer resourcefulness are hallmarks of their work.

Manuel Calderon
Chief Sales Officer

“They deliver on time.”


TheDevBlock has augmented the internal team with competent senior animators, leaving the client satisfied with the engagement. The team delivers on time and is flexible. Further, they communicate clearly via virtual meetings. Customers can expect a responsive team.

Mark Begert

“We’re impressed with TheDevBlock’s exceptional talent pool.”


TheDevBlock continues to provide reliable development support, regularly handling integrations and working collaboratively with the internal team. They go the extra mile to deliver on time and ensure frequent, transparent communication. They remain flexible, responsive, proactive, and professional.

Andrew Bensinger